Tom Davies

TOMHi! So I’m Tom, Bookshelf Editor. Unlike my esteemed colleagues I’ve not actually graduated yet (being one of the younger members of the SCM family), so I’m still at Aberystwyth occasionally working hard to get a degree but mostly drinking and pissing about in the mountains. Although I’m willing to read just about anything, my main interests in literature lie with fantasy fiction and travel writing. But really I do, read a bit of everything. I’m also a big music fan; self-proclaimed Fountains of Wayne nut (yes they’ve released more than Stacey’s Mom you nincompoop) and lover of beard folk. Used to be a massive gaming nerd but nowadays I just accept whatever Bethesda and Rockstar throw out and maybe try out the odd indie game on a Steam sale. I’m too old for this sh*t.

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: tbdavies12 (Just as boring as Andrew’s)

Section: Bookshelf