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A Final Fantasy Retrospective: Final Fantasy II (Famicom)

A quick note: Since Final Fantasy II never received an official English localisation in its original form, I relied on Demiforce’s excellent fan-translation for the purposes of this write-up. HIRONOBU Sakaguchi was in a pickle....


A Final Fantasy Retrospective: Final Fantasy (NES)

WELL THEN, without further ado, let’s talk about the original Final Fantasy – the one that kicked off this whole screaming clawing feathered-hair 2D 3D HD shebang – by talking about Dragon Quest. Yes,...


A Final Fantasy Retrospective: The Prelude

My relationship with Final Fantasy is a strained, distressing and complicated one. For a series with a title of such finality to have lasted 30 years is a morbid joke in itself, but its...