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IO Interactive have gone independent

Earlier in the year, it was clear that the fate of IO Interactive (the developers of the Hitman games, Kane & Lynch, Freedom Fighters and Mini Ninjas) was very unclear. Square Enix, their publisher, weren’t happy with the sales...


A Final Fantasy Retrospective: Final Fantasy VI (SNES)

MERCIFULLY, this is the last time I’ll need to preface these things with the circumstance of localisation. Final Fantasy VI was not released in its original form in Europe, so I played the American SNES release...


A Final Fantasy Retrospective: Final Fantasy III (Famicom)

SINCE Final Fantasy III never received an English localisation in its original form, I’m relying on A.W. Jackson, Neil Corlett and SoM2Freak’s comprehensive fan translation to bring you this article. I haven’t played the DS remake so...