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Review: Ex Machina – Great out of the machine

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence is a topic which every filmmaker seems desperate to stick their stamp on. Steven Spielberg’s promising Kubrick hand-me-down A.I. Artificial Intelligence was ruined by a ludicrously cheesy epilogue back in 2001; since...


Review: Whiplash – An instant classic

WHIPLASH is faster, more brutal and more exhilarating than even its fast, brutal and exhilarating title would suggest. It’s also, fittingly, just as painful. Rarely have I found myself visibly wincing through the entirety...


Review: Selma – A great tribute to a great man

HISTORY and film have a funny old relationship. A significant portion of films are based on historical events, and these events are better-remembered as a result of these films. Historical films are, by-and-large, more...