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Batman Arkham Knight delayed…until June 2nd

I hope no one was looking forward to playing the third in Rocksteady’s trilogy of Batman games (Arkham Origins doesn’t count) this autumn because, surprising no one, it has been delayed until the 2nd...


Bro-view: EXPENDABROS, the most bro-tacular game ever!

EXPENDABROS is a spin-off of the indie game BROFORCE, developed by Free Lives, that is essentially a playable advertisement for the third Expendables film. The funny thing is it’s better than any of the films in the...


Breaking Down The Backlog II: gods, bosses & friends

IN THE PAST month(ish) I have killed a god, slaughtered a vast menagerie of legendary beasts, stopped the Cold War almost single-handed, killed enough people to be considered a war criminal and I made a friend.  I never...