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Film Torments: Escape from L.A. (1996)

NOVEMBER is de-facto Action Month at Film Torments because we say so. Here’s Dan’s take on a pristine chunk of Kurt Russell’s iron chin. The 90s (and 00s) hit John Carpenter hard. Like, really...


Review: Room – A profound, singular triumph

SPOILER WARNING: The film Room is a story of two distinct halves, and the pre-release trailers have shown very little from the second half. The film is more enjoyable the less you know about the...


Only in the 70s: Caligula (1979) (NSFW)

AS WE ROUND off this hideous month of humid August, we can find a little time to spotlight a film that festers with glorious, carefree self-indulgence. It’s Bacchanalia at SCM for – yes, really – Caligula....