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Film Torments: The Cobbler (2014)

THIS WEEK on Film Torments, Dan takes a look at yet another Adam Sandler bomb. You wouldn’t be blamed for assuming that we like to pick on Adam Sandler at SCM, but the reality...


Film Torments: Jack and Jill (2011)

HERE at Surprisingly Competent Media, we just LOVE Adam Sandler. I mean, Grown Ups? Eight Crazy Nights? Classics! Amiright?! So, when it came to picking this week’s Film Torment, I had to go for 2011’s Jack...


Film Torments: Going Overboard (1989)

WELCOME to Film Torments. This will be the first in a weekly instalment of the Film section in which I – and, sadly, others – subject ourselves to cinematic bowel movements and report back,...