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Film Torments: Postal (2008)

CONTINUING Razzie Month at Film Torments, George takes on what may well be the piece de resistance of the illustrious Dr. Uwe Boll’s career. Here’s the three-time Razzie-nominated Postal, you poor bastards. Pick any film,...


Film Torments: The Twilight Saga (2008-2012)

  THIS week on Film Torments, Rich subjects himself to ten straight hours of the same fucking thing. That’s right, true believers – it’s The Twilight Saga (because anything can be a saga). I’ve...


Film Torments: Seven Pounds (2008)

THIS week’s Torment is an acerbic throttling of Will Smith’s most recent stab at Oscar glory: Seven Pounds. Rich Kee: I don’t like hating movies. It’s very rare that I come out of a movie really bothered...