Jozef Raczka

Jozef is an award winning (Ottakar’s Under 10yrs Short Story Competition) writer, director, performer and improviser. He has been writing ever since he learnt to write. He wakes up every day wishing he were Neil Gaiman and goes to sleep every night disappointed that he still isn’t. He keeps writing in the hope that one day some jumped-up film graduate will be the one ranting about his television series on the internet. He can’t tell you what it’s about yet but it will almost certainly feature an accountant who doesn’t play the rules but by god he gets results. He’s also into music and plays multiple instruments. You probably guessed from his photo that he plays banjo. He prefers to be called Joe with an ‘E’ and gets very annoyed when people forget it.

Interests: Mad Men, Wes Anderson, The Manhattan Projects, The National, Chuck Pahlaniuk, Improvisation.

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @NotJozefRaczka

Section: Film &  TV