Joseph Albanese

There are only three things you need to know about Joseph Albanese:

  1. He is a recent graduate and walking existential void whose proclivities include film and television.
  2. He has an army of homemade puppets that watch over his slumbering form in the night.
  3. His Yu-Gi-Oh! deck is based around Spellcasters, but he isn’t strict about the ruling out other cards.

In addition to these key three facts, he will also be taking a bash at the role of Film and TV News Editor for Surprisingly Competent Media, and would, with this in mind, like to apologize in advance for the almost megalomaniacal self-indulgence and bias that will henceforth plague this website like a pretentious self-righteous pathogen.

He also would like to express his distaste for writing in the third person.