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Film Torments: Cool World (1992)

  THIS week on Film Torments, hastily sketched into the margin of Animation Month, Truan decided to take a look at an esteemed animator’s final trainwreck: The brutal assault of Cold World. Cool World is...


Film Torments: The Lorax (2012)

JULY is renowned for its animated films… right? That’s the theme for the month and by God we’re sticking to it like 3D rendering to a clownfish (or something). Drawing us in is Rich’s take...


Only in the 70s: Black Caesar (1973)

ROUNDING off Remakes Month at Film Torments, we take a prolonged look at one of the blaxploitation era’s biggest successes: 1973’s Black Caesar. Born from the criminal blast of Prohibition, 1931’s Little Caesar is a...