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Review: Grimsby – Meandering spy spoof fails to shock

THERE are two distinct eras in the career of Sacha Baron Cohen: before he became world-famous, and after. Back in the late 90s, a little-known comedy writer and presenter started making waves with his harassment of celebrities...


Film Torments: Postal (2008)

CONTINUING Razzie Month at Film Torments, George takes on what may well be the piece de resistance of the illustrious Dr. Uwe Boll’s career. Here’s the three-time Razzie-nominated Postal, you poor bastards. Pick any film,...


Film Torments: I Know Who Killed Me (2007)

WE’RE back on Film Torments, and to celebrate Oscar season, we’re dedicating the month to those liquid farts that swept the Razzies, the Bizarro version of Tinseltown’s favourite awards. Up first is Rich’s take...