Andrew Simpson

ANDREW2Hello and welcome to Surprisingly Competent Media. I’m Andrew and somehow I’m in charge of this ‘surprisingly’ competent media website bringing you arts news, reviews and opinion. We started out as a group of friends wanting to write reviews and thus SCM was born!

My interests vary across all four sections of SCM. I am a big follower of film and TV, with interests spanning from the Marvel Universe to Dr Who. Music wise, the best way to describe my taste is alternative indie (Mumford and Sons, Noah and the Whale, The Killers… yeah that’s me). Finally, on the niche side of things I’m a big fan of fantasy literature and various other more obscure parts of the arts world! Overall my interests are extremely broad, so you can expect a wide variety of articles from me.

My role at SCM is Editor in Chief, therefore I have the final editorial decision and get to make the big decisions when we can’t come up with one! I basically just make sure everything runs smoothly, so if you have any issues drop me an email.

Interests: Writing, Media, Sci-Fi, Indie, Hiking and Geography

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: APSimpson93 (what a boring username…)

Section: SCM