Alex Pike

PIKEI’m Alex, and thanks for checking out SCM. I’m one of the two official music nerds of the site, and I’d like to think we’ve both got a fairly eclectic taste, which should be reflected in our writing. Current hobbies include counting down the days to the next ArcTanGent festival and wondering if Tool ever will release a new album.

After having a gander of our site, if you’re nodding along in agreement or shouting at your screen in fury (I hope it’s not always one or the other), it’d be great if you could drop us a message and we can turn this opinion sharing platform into a two way affair. Even if you want to rant to us about how we’re terrible people because we didn’t review the latest release by (insert artist name here) please send us an email/tweet.

Also, I’ll make two promises:
1) To try and talk about things other than new proggy metal releases.
2) Do a Twitter more.

Interests: Pizza, groovy riffs and science. That is all.

Contact: [email protected]

Twitter: @Probablypike

Section: Music