About SCM

WELCOME to the launch of Surprisingly Competent Media. This is an arts dedicated site that will bring you the latest arts news, reviews and opinions on all the latest film, TV, games and much more.


We are a group of graduates from Aberystwyth University that had an idea to create a website that will allow us to continue to review and produce content on the arts world. Many involved were part of Aberystwyth Student Media and wished to continue on the style of work produced there. However, the difference now being we are out on our own and have the freedom to create what we want in our own way.

The Vision

We set out with the mindset to create a website under the  overall brand of Surprisingly Competent Media (SCM), with a number of sections that focus on different aspects of the entertainment arts.

This allows us to have a specific areas for each of the groups interests and also allows for much more focus for each section. These will be set up over the coming months and this website will hopefully grow as we produce more and more content in a number of mediums.

Our 6 sections will be as follows:

  1. Film
  2. TV
  3. Music
  4. Games
  5. Niche Corner
  6. News

These will develop with their own unique features and keep you up to date on all the latest news and upcoming titles, along with reviews and much more!