There is a Sonic sample on Drake’s ‘playlist’ More Life

Well here is something I wouldn’t ever imagine writing about: The song ‘KMT’ on Drake’s More Life heavily samples a Sonic song. And not a song from one of the good early to mid nineties sprite-based games either! It is actually a track from the universally reviled Sonic The Hedgehog from 2006.

Here is ‘KMT’:

Here is the track the song samples:

Pretty ludicrous, right? I wonder if the producers, Ness Beats and Chef Pasquale, knew what they were sampling or if they just sent people out to find unique things to sample (a practice some producers are allegedly to do). I know Drake isn’t the first rapper to have a song that samples a video-game, but this Sonic sample is certainly one of the weirdest I have heard.


Source: XXL



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