Bioware finally shows off Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay

Yesterday, at The Game Awards, Bioware showed off a game-play trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda. And…it looks pretty sweet!

The game still looks like a Mass Effect game; the technology is still all smooth and clean, the conversation wheel is still there and some of the alien races return (particularly the Krogan and the Turian). The developers have tweaked plenty of things, however. The combat looks a lot more twitchy and fast paced when compared to the previous entries, it almost makes me wonder where the “RPG”  part of the game comes from since the shooting looks like something between Gears of War and Vanquish. The developers have also added some survival mechanics to the game. They say that you will have to craft and steal to survive in certain dangerous climates. Bioware have even gone back to the Mako from the first game, the vehicle from the first game you used to explore planets, but souped it up so that (one hopes) it doesn’t control like shit.

I dunno how to feel about Mass Effect: Andromeda, honestly. I mean, I haven’t finished Mass Effect 3 (it’s on the list though) but I like the idea of a contained trilogy of games. And not a sprawling franchise of innumerable games. Yes, it looks like they are distancing themselves from the originals, but I worry that they will end up trying to bottle up lightning again and will turn the franchise into a shadow of its former self in the process. Bioware should have either made a new franchise or returned to something a bit different, like Jade Empire.

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