Crank up the Rumour Mill: Price for the Nintendo Switch leaked


Laura Dale is a freelance journalist who has made a name for herself lately by leaking information about the Nintendo Switch (Nintendo’s next console). Not only has she been leaking it, but almost all the news she has reported has been startlingly accurate. It was only a matter of time prices were leaked, so imagine my surprise that it came from the pride of Great Britain itself, GAME.

Here is what Laura Dale has to say about it:

Today’s report…is that UK specialist gaming retail chain GAME has been informed of the Nintendo Switch’s wholesale price to retailers, and is planning on selling their basic SKU (stock keeping unit) of the system in stores for £199.99.

It is important to note this is not a Nintendo set RRP (recommended retail price), as Nintendo do not set UK RRP prices for consoles. However, it is safe to assume this gives us a solid indication of the price the system will sell at nationwide.

We have also learned that a separate SKU featuring more internal storage and a packed in game is planned to sell at £249.99. We have heard rumours as to what this pack in game is, but we currently have only one source on this information so we are unwilling to talk about that pack in title at this time.

Both our sources have told us that additional Switch Pro Controllers are expected to sell at launch for £39.99 at GAME.

Lastly, we have been told that Nintendo is planning for the Switch to be close to direct conversion price comparable across regions, which we have been told is tied into their push for the system to be region free. This would in theory put the USA price of the system at approximately $249.99 and $299.99 (This is based off conversions, not any insider information).

Now of course GAME responded by declaring that the prices are “unconfirmed” but since the Wii U sold for roughly £249/£299…I could totally see the Switch going for these prices. Anything more expensive and I feel that they would be close to matching the Playstation  4 and Xbox ONE. That would’ve been utter folly on Nintendo’s part. It makes me wonder just how powerful this thing is, however. I know the console itself won’t feel cheap, but if the games barely look better than the Wii U then I will be rather disappointed.

Sources: LetsPlayVideoGames

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