Great Scott! Beyond Good and Evil 2 is real



This is one of the pictures Michel Ancel has posted on his Instagram account lately


This is another picture

So on Facebook earlier today Ubisoft announced that Michel Ancel, one of the great minds behind the Rayman games and the first Beyond Good and Evil, is working with one of their studios on another Beyond Good and Evil game.


And this is another

This is important news because, for those who are unaware, Beyond Good and Evil 2 is one of those games whose very existence – or lack thereof – is basically a meme at this point. The original game was released in 2003 and, despite being a critical darling, barely anyone bought it. It did become a bit of ‘Cult Classic’ however and off of that enthusiasm, a sequel was announced in 2007…then cancelled then announced again multiple times over the years. It got to the point where it was a bit of a joke. Whenever there was a list of games coming out in the next year, Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be snarkily added at the bottom along with Half Life 3 and The Last Guardian.

There isn’t much more information about the game beyond a couple of pictures and the information that Ancel will be working on it, so I still remain fairly sceptical if it will actually come out. But crazier things have happened in the game industry and Ubisoft have been acting pretty weird these days so anything is possible!

Source: The Beyond Good and Evil Facebook page

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