Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is getting remastered!*

*But only for Pachislot machines in Japan and not an actual game for current consoles.

Pachinko, for those who don’t know (which may be almost everyone), is a Japanese variation pinball that is sometimes mixed with slot machines. You fire balls into the machine which then falls down a collection of pins and where the ball goes at the bottom causes something to happen. You could win money, discover ‘secret’ modes, or just get a free turn. It is illegal to gamble for money in Japan so you win credits that can be exchanged for prizes. When they’re combined with slot machines, the machines are called Pachislots. It is big business in Japan, so much so that Konami – as I reported on earlier – totally stopped making non-football games in favour of Pachinko.

I have never played a physical version, although I have dabbled when I played Yakuza and found them quite fun. I have no idea what these Metal Gear Solid 3 cut-scenes could be used for in a Pachinko machine, but they look incredible thanks to the Fox Engine used for Metal Gear Solid V. As a fan of Snake Eater, I am severely disappointed that Konami won’t be remaking the game but I can see the business reasons why they wouldn’t. Snake Eater is a big game, so remaking it in a new engine would probably be prohibitively expensive.

Here is a second, older, trailer that showcases the cut-scenes a bit better.

Source: Gamesradar

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