Nintendo announce Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem for mobiles; Legend of Zelda delayed to 2017

Legend of Zelda

Some concept art Nintendo released for the new Zelda game.

Yesterday, Nintendo released their financial earnings for 2015-2016. Nothing too noteworthy was announced beyond a March 2017 release date for the “NX”

Later on, however, in a weirdly non-Nintendo like fashion, Nintendo UK clarified some announcements and actually gave out some more detailed information about what will be happening in the lead up to March:

  • Nintendo will be releasing two new games for mobile platforms. It will be a version of Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem. Both will be out in the Autumn of this year.
  • The “NX” will not make any appearance at E3 (the biggest video game trade show of the year)
  • Following on from that, the new Legend of Zelda game has been delayed until March 2017 so it can be on the “NX” although another version for the Wii U will be released simultaneously. It will be playable at E3 for the first time and will in fact be the only game shown by Nintendo.
  • Nintendo will also be exploring on expanding their IPs (like Mario, Legend of Zelda or Metroid) into other avenues outside of games.

This is a mixed bag of announcements, honestly. I totally understand why Nintendo would want to make mobile games. The 3DS’ lunch as been thoroughly eaten by the rise of Smart Phones and it makes complete sense for them to try chasing that market (especially since MiiTomo, their first mobile game, has made $146 million).

What is most disappointing is the “NX” and Zelda announcements. Nintendo is one of the most exciting companies when it comes to fun and strange E3 presentations. So to see them focus solely on Legend of Zelda is a shame, especially since it has been massively delayed. I just hope it lives up to the hype and development time. Saying that, Nintendo does what they like, and always has, so who am I to judge?

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