Dark Souls is now becoming a board game!

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I love me some Dark Souls. The first one in the series is probably one of the greatest games ever made and I am thoroughly enjoying the sequel. Something about their oppressive, sad world combined with difficult, but fair, game-play appeals to me in some weird way. I also enjoy playing board games on the occasion.

Now some team of geniuses, Steamforged Games with NAMCO BANDAI and FROM Software’s blessing, are kickstarting a board game based on Dark Souls…And all I can say is “HELLLLLLL YESSSSS!!!!” Also it has already broken way past its £50,000 goal and is now closing in on £750,000. So the board-game is being 100% being made.

Example of a couple of models.

Example of a couple of models.

The Kickstarter isn’t exactly clear on how it will work, but judging by the descriptions it seems to be a miniature based game where 1-4 players explore areas by placing down tiles and flipping over cards to show what the players are going to face. It sounds reminiscent of the incredible board-game Mage Knight, although far less epic in scope. It also isn’t clear just how the combat will translate, although the developers say that it will “[reward] clever players and [punish] ‘button mashing’. Players must learn enemy behaviours in order to fight more effectively, with classic fighting game style combat windows.” What this actually means isn’t clear, however.

Kickstarters can be very hit and miss, luckily I have had great success with backing them, but I have a good feeling about this one. Their entire pitch is really professional and since it is partly backed by NAMCO BANDAI and FROM, I bet it will turn out just fine. I will be backing this Kickstarter.

Source: Kickstarter


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