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WELL, here you have it, folks. The marketing departments at Lucasfilm and Disney must be working overtime. Only Just this week they finished their marketing campaign with the digital and home video releases for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And if that wasn’t a behemoth of marketing, they decided to finish it all off by releasing the first trailer for the first of their Star Wars spin-off stories, Rogue One.

If you were hoping to get a significant break from everything Star Wars, or any continuation from where you were left at the end of The Force Awakens, you shall be sorely disappointed. That being said, the trailer is pretty exciting and teeming with stunning visuals. Check out the trailer below:


As you can see, the trailer is chocked full of classic looking Stormtroopers and Rebels and even includes some characters from the Original Trilogy. If you look in the background of many of these shots they seem to have captured, and in some cases even replicated, the look and design of those films. You also see the classic AT-AT’s, Star Destroyers and one massive Death Star being assembled, but also some interesting new things, such as what I assume to be Stormtroopers in black, looking very badass.

There is so much to take away from this short trailer, but perhaps one of the more notable things would be the significant amount of people of colour cast in the film, a continuation of inclusion in Lucasfilm’s casting which we saw in The Force Awakens. Alongside the female lead Felicity Jones, male actors Forest Whitaker, Diego Luna and Donnie Yen feature prominently in the trailer. Whilst the inclusion of the latter may be a way to appeal to Asian and particularly the Chinese market (Yen being the star of the widely popular Ip Man trilogy), personally I feel a martial arts fight scene in the middle of this movie (which looks they tease here) would be an awesome and interesting thing to see.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Ben Mendelsohn) Ph: Film Frame ©Lucasfilm LFL

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Ben Mendelsohn) – Ph: Film Frame, ©Lucasfilm LFL

In the space of four hours, the trailer received over 500,000 views on YouTube alone, with no doubt more accumulating on other video platforms. This should probably come as no surprise; despite this not being a continuation of the main Star Wars story (with no ‘episode’ in its title), the franchise itself has become so ingrained in our popular culture people are definitely going to be excited by something new from this universe.

As for what the film is about, Lucasfilm for the time being is playing things very close to its chest, all we know so far is that the film revolves around a heist of sorts for the Death Star plans which sets into motion the events of the Original Trilogy. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set to hit the big screen December 16th this year, and is directed by Gareth Edwards, who also directed Godzilla back in 2014. What do you think of the trailer? Be sure to let us know.

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