No Man’s Sky has a release date!

No Man's Sky looks incredible

No Man’s Sky looks incredible

Earlier today Hello Games, developers of Joe Danger, finally announced the release date for the highly anticipated No Man’s Sky. What is No Man’s Sky I hear you ask? God knows! I think it might be a space exploration game with shooting and trading à la Elite Dangerous…but honestly Hello Games have kept what this game is pretty close to their chest.

Beautiful box art

Beautiful box art

So when is the game coming out? The 21st of June in America, 22nd of June in Europe and the 24th of June in the U.K. on the Playstation 4 and P.C. simultaneously. It is going to have a physical release, and a full retail price, which may come to a surprise to some people considering it is being made by an ostensibly ‘Independent’ Developer.

There will be three versions:

  • The normal version which is just the game for $59.99
  • The Limited Edition which includes a Steelbook case, an art book, a comic written by ‘Co-Writer-of-The-Watchmen’ Dave Gibbons, a PS4 Theme and some nebulous Starter Kit for $79.99 only for PS4
  • And finally the PC exclusive Explorer’s Edition which has the normal game and a tin toy replica of the main ship. It is limited to 10,000 copies and costs $149.99.

At the moment the prices are primarily in dollars, but you can assume that the normal game will cost roughly £40 then £60 and lastly £140.

Now that the release date is out of way, there is one very important question that needs to be answered. Will No Man’s Sky live up to the hype? I am a glass half empty kind of guy, so I am tempted to say no. However, the game sure looks awesome so I dunno. Personally, I would wait for reviews before taking the plunge.

Source: Playstation Blog

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