YO!!!!!!!!!! Psychonauts 2 announced!!!!

DAT concept art thoooo

DAT concept art thoooo

So during The Game Awards yesterday, Tim Shafer (the Lead Creative Director and face of Double Fine Studios) announced Psychonauts 2, the sequel to the well beloved – with good reason – 2005 cult classic. The original Psychonauts was a puzzle/action platformer set in a children’s summer camp for Psychonauts, special agents who can delve into people’s brains. You played as Raz, a talented Psychonaut – and circus runaway – who is roped into saving said summer camp from the sinister Dr Loboto by delving into people’s minds and defeating their fears/discovering secrets. It was utterly fantastic. The perfect blend of humour, warmth and solid mechanics. Sadly it sold poorly so a sequel was never made…until now.

After the successes of their previous Kickstarters, Double Fine Productions have decided to go that route again. Only this time they are doing it on Fig, a website that is very similar to Kickstarter. But on this website, when you donate money to the project, you can invest in the project. Which means you get some small percentage of money back (at least, that is how I think investments work). Which is certainly risky if the game turns out to be crap.

Double Fine Studios are asking for $3.3 million. Which, considering the original cost roughly $15 million, sounds like a fair amount considering they have investment from other parties and themselves.

I, for one, am super excited about this. Double Fine know how to make a good game that can be absolutely hilarious. So I have complete faith in them to a degree. Plus it helps that most of the original team are returning, which instills me with great confidence.


Source: Double Fine’s Fig page & Polygon


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