Literally everyone is in LEGO Dimensions*

*Not actually everyone. I’m not in it, for example.

Source: LEGO

So today Warner Bros & T.T. Games – the minds behind the monumentally successful LEGO games – released details on the cast for their next game LEGO Dimensions. A game, for those not in the know, is their take on the ‘Toys to Life’ genre that companies like Activision with Skylanders and Disney with Disney Infinity have made for a few years now. The basic idea is that you have the game portion and a portal. You place specially micro-chipped models on the portal, the portal reads the microchip, and data from the model is transferred to the game, the model appears and it is immediately playable on screen. The catch is that the game has certain sections that can only be traversed with specific models, which forces you the player to go out and buy said models so you can continue playing the game. For example, in LEGO Dimensions, you can buy the Back to the Future set which allows you to explore its levels…but if you want to see the Doctor Who level you will have to buy some Doctor Who characters to see it and vice versa. It is an ingenious system that combines two of the biggest player bases with disposable income: children and fanboys and milks them for all their worth.

Lego Dimensions is slightly different as you can, and are probably force to, build the models yourself using the LEGO they offer. Sadly, if you experiment with the model it won’t effect how it looks like in the game.

Anyway, enough back story. Here is the massive list of voice actors, some famous worldwide and others a bit more niche, that will be in LEGO Dimensions:

Michael J. Fox!!!!

Christopher Lloyd!!!!!!!!!!!! (Both playing their characters from Back to the Future)

Chris Pratt (playing his character in The LEGO Movie and Jurassic World)

Peter Capaldi

Jenna Coleman

Michelle Gomez


Troy Baker

Tara Strong (As Batman and Harley Quinn respectively)

Stephen Merchant (returning as Wheatley from Portal 2)

Ellen Mclain (GLaDoS from Portal 1 & 2)

Gary Oldman!!!!!!!!!!!! (as the main villain)

Joel Mchale (as an original character)

Alison Brie (as her character(s) from the LEGO Movie)

Note: Subsequent cast members are playing unannounced characters or characters who I don’t know about:

Nick Robinson

Ty Simpkins

Travis Willingham

Nolan North

Irrfan Khan

Sean Astin

and Elizabeth Banks.

That is a hell of a list of people! On top of that, they haven’t even announced who will be playing the various Simpsons, Lord of the Rings and Ghostbusters characters (here’s hoping for Bill Murray!)

LEGO Dimensions is out on the 29th of September on the XBOX ONE, PS4 & Wii U for the price of £95/$99.99/€99.99.


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