This just in: Konami is dying and Silent Hills is cancelled.

Norman Reedus smells something fishy

Norman Reedus is just as suspicious of Konami Gaming as I am

So two things happened in the world of gaming today and they both involve one legendary games publisher/developer: Konami Gaming. For those not in the know, they published the likes of:

  • All the Metal Gear Solids
  • All the Silent Hills
  • All the Suikodens
  • All the Castlevania games

They have one hell of a portfolio! Admittedly, it doesn’t compare to other Japanese giants like Capcom or Nintendo, but they have made games that have been both influential and exceedingly popular.

So what has happened for them to be in the news? Well after the debacle that was Hideo Kojima’s (auteur director of the Metal Gear Solid series) dismissal from the company, Konami have come out and done two rather huge things:

Firstly, the new Silent Hill game that I reported on earlier in the year has been cancelled. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise since Kojima’s name was all over it and it makes sense that after his name was scrubbed from Metal Gear Solid V, Silent Hills would suffer as a result.

The other bit of news is a bit more nebulous and difficult to explain: Konami have de-listed their shares from the New York Stock Exchange. I am no stock expert but what this looks like is that Konami are getting out of the American markets. This means that it will be highly unlikely that we will see any games coming from Konami after Metal Gear Solid V is released. This isn’t the complete death of the company however, as most of the conglomerate’s income comes from Health Spas, Pachinko machines and mobile apps.

Most of this is speculation, admittedly. But whatever the case, it is looking dire for Konami Gaming. It makes me wonder what the bloody hell is happening in Konami.

Sources: GGRAsia Konami Kotaku


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