Daredevil – off to a strong start

daredevil-tv-series-poster-matt-murdockI WAS EXCITED for the new Daredevil TV series. Why? Because it’s the grittiest thing Marvel have done yet. With a ‘15’ rating, I was hoping we’d actually see people bleed after a brutal confrontation in Hell’s Kitchen. And after watching the pilot episode of Marvel’s Daredevil, I can say I was far from disappointed.

Marvel’s Daredevil takes a leap from the comic book superheroes we’re so used to in the MCU and dumps the audience in the mean streets of New York, where blind-lawyer Matt Murdock dons a mask to become the ruthless and hardcore Daredevil. The pilot episode doesn’t hold back with human trafficking, apparent suicide, murder, drug smuggling and other adult themes running throughout. It seems like the studio are making up for lost time; no tiny dancing baby trees here, just pure violence. But it’s more like they’re breaking the audience in; showing how this show is different to everything they’ve done so far, but retains a certain feel.

It definitely pays off as well; Daredevil is clearly an adult show, but it won’t alienate the MCU’s mature following. Take away the gore, violence and undertones and Daredevil could be there next to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Charlie Cox makes a good Matt Murdock; not physically perfect, but smart and witty. His Daredevil isn’t the best fighter and physically struggles against his opponents. It’s clear this character has a lot of developing to do, before he can don that red mask, but for now, Daredevil has got off to a strong start. Want to see how it develops? The entire first series is available now on Netflix.

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