Mumford and Sons return with a new sound

MUMFORD & Sons returned to our ears this week with their newly released track ‘Believe’, which is the first single released from their upcoming new album.

Mumford have had somewhat of a u-turn on their old style sound, with the unique quality instrument of the banjos being ditched, and the electric guitar now taking more of a centre stage. The piercing sound of the electric guitar in the second half of the track creates a new resonance for the band that pulls off a great sound. I found myself enjoying this track, a new vibe from Mumford. Yet, with this new track, I find myself worrying for the direction the band is going and if they will fall into the ‘just another rock-pop’ band.

I found myself drawing some parallels with Coldplay – which is not a good thing in my opinion, and hope that the album does contain some diversity. Nevertheless, I did enjoy this new track and I await to see what the rest of the album will be like with mid-level hype.

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