Ready your plastic guitars: Rock Band 4 announced!


TODAY AT GDC ( the Game Developer Convention) Harmonix, the developers of the first Guitar Hero and the Rock Band series, have announced that they are making a new Rock Band for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

Supposedly, it is scheduled for release later this year – which may be a bit optimistic – and will improve on the previous iteration by being more focused on creating “a certain harmony that comes from playing and listening to your band-mates, a bonding sense that shines simply because of the format.”

Rock Band 3 was considered a great game, but it felt a bit too bloated due to the ridiculous addition of a keyboard and other needless iterations over Rock Band 2 (which I loved). I really like ‘plastic instrument’ genre of games even though I was awful at the instruments – the singing was, oddly enough, the thing I was best at. So I look forward to a hopefully leaner Rock Band!

Not going to lie though, I am sceptical about how popular the plastic instrument genre still is. I guess the success of this one will hinge on if it is backwards compatible with the old instruments. Mad Katz, the makers of the crazy expensive fighting game controllers are of course making new ones. But if people, myself included, have to buy yet more instruments when the old ones are still gathering dust behind the television…then I can imagine people won’t be keen to shell out even more money.

Source: Destructoid, Harmonix Blog

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