STOP THE PRESSES: Netflix reportedly developing Legend of Zelda series

Imagine a generic white dude looking like this!

Imagine a generic white dude looking like this!

Well golly gee! According to The Wall street Journal, Netflix and Nintendo are joining forces to develop a live action show based on The Legend of Zelda franchise.

This news comes from someone ” familiar with the matter” (as all good news does) who also declares that Netflix is saying that the show will be “Game of Thrones for a family audience.”

Don’t get too excited just yet, Nintendo fans, because it seems like the show is in a really early development stage as it seems that no writers have been hired and, as the article infers, there are a lot of hurdles for both companies to jump over before the show even enters development.

Questionable source aside, it is really cool to hear that Nintendo are even considering such a proposition as they are infamous for being very protective of their proprieties. But, with the likes of Hyrule Warriors (A Zelda game made by the Dynasty Warriors developer) being made, maybe there are signs that Nintendo are slowly relinquishing their suffocating grasp and are considering other interpretations of their much beloved games.

Source: Wall Street Journal Giant Bomb

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