What can we expect from new The Walking Dead?

ON FEBRUARY the 8th, The Walking Dead returns to screens in the U.S. With the first half of series five leaving viewers shocked (and some angry with AMC for spoiling it via social media) it begs the question: where will the series go from here? I look back at what has happened in series so far, and what may happen in episodes to come. Be warned, this review will contain major spoilers for anyone not up to date.

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So far in series five, I’ve had some very mixed feelings. With the promising ending to series four at the dreaded Terminus, one would have expected the cannibals to have played a larger part in the series. But alas, no, they were killed off within a few episodes. It was a real shame and a waste of potential. After The Governor the cannibals made for some really interesting villains; it’s a pity the group didn’t spend longer at Terminus, or a bit more of the back story was revealed. Of course, Bob’s scream of ‘I’M TAINTED MEAT!’ Is hard to beat, but it wouldn’t have hurt to have given a bit more character to the monsters from Terminus. Here’s hoping whoever takes over the role of villain in the latter half of the series is given more of a back story.

I also had an issue with the pace the series goes at. While obviously it’s tricky to make a lot happen in a post-apocalyptic world, but there have been episodes which involve two characters walking around for 40 minutes. It can get quite… monotonous. A few more twists and turns would be appreciated in the rest of the series. Maybe The Walking Dead should take a leaf out of Game of Thrones book and kill off some more characters? On the subject of killing off characters, Beth’s death at the end of the first half of series five was a shocker, and an excellent twist. More surprises like this are what the viewers are after.

But where are the group going to go now? After the massacre of the last episode, it seems unlikely the group will hang around Atlanta anymore, and with Eugene (predictably) not knowing a cure for the virus, it seems D.C. might also be out of the picture. So where do they go now? Could this be the eventual wind down of the series? Part of me hopes this is the point our heroes find a place they can finally live out their lives in.

Whatever happens, the latter half of The Walking Dead series is bound to hold some shocks for the audience, and hopefully some solace as well. After Beth’s demise, it’s even clearer that no one is safe. The society our heroes once knew is as dead as the corpses that walk among them, it’s now down to them to create somewhere new.

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