2015: What music to expect


Producer Nigel Godrich recently tweeted this picture of Radiohead in the studio.

As 2014 drew to a close, and 2015 emerged blinking in the sunlight, there was only one question on our lips: what new music will the new year bring? 2014 had some gems, some flops, and some old boys. But now that January has hit us, what new music will arrive in the following months to wet out appetite with?

Well to start with, it’s been recently announced that two big bands will return at the end of the year with their respective third albums. Psych-Gods Tame Impala will return with a supposed electronic album, following frontman Kevin Parker’s cameo on the latest Mark Ronson release. Florence and the Machine will also be making an appearence after 2011’s Ceremonials. The band last graced the UK scene with a tour in late 2012 where Haim supported them.

More famous British names will releasing new material in 2015: Noel Gallagher is will be giving us his second solo LP, entitled Chasing Yesterday, in March. The Britpop man has already given a taste of what is to come with the song ‘In The Heat of the Moment’. After dissolving the so-called-band Beady Eye, his brother Liam Gallagher may well return to the scene with some sort of solo album. But the world doesn’t hold its breath.

Meanwhile, songstress Adele is rumoured to be finished with her third studio album (presumably entitled 26), and while 2014 was apparently scheduled for its release, it’s now evident 2015 is more likely. The boys from The Libertines will also put out a surprising third album, after recently being signed to Virgin Records. Their (second) reunion tour went so well the band evidently decided to give recording another go. Let’s hope it’s as good as their first two albums.

Talking of legendary albums, the ever popular Radiohead are back in the studio working on their ninth studio album. After Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Philip Selway all released solo LPs last year, the band are now back in the studio working on ideas, with Nigel Godrich tweeting a picture of recording in process.

In terms of slightly less known acts, 2015 might be the year Wolf Alice’s debut finally sees the light of day. The band have been in the public eye for a couple years now, so a debut album should be on the way. Peace will also be giving us their second album, Happy People, with the single ‘Lost On Me’ already out. Folk singer Waxahatchee (aka Katie Crutchfield) had a great year in 2013 with Cerulean Salt, and, a mere two years later, will be putting out her third album.

Finally, in the Hip-Hop world, some big, big albums should be on their way. Having just recorded ‘Only One’ with Paul McCartney, Kanye West may well have another studio album on the way. Apparently the self-proclaimed God has already been holding listening parties. Frank Ocean will (hopefully) give us the follow up to Channel Orange this year, but only if we’re really, really lucky. And following the glorious Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, Kendrick Lamar will be releasing his third LP, with song ‘i’ already available to listen to.


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