First Peanuts trailer revealed

The first official trailer for the upcoming adaptation of the Peanuts film has been released online. Giving audiences a small insight into what they can expect from many childhoods’ loveable mascots being brought back to the big screen. The release date is set for November 6th to coincide with the 65th anniversary of the comic strips and 50th anniversary of the television special (coincides closely as the exact date of their anniversaries is October 2nd).

In the trailer we see Snoopy using his imagination to turn the iconic red dog house into a WW2 fighter plane chasing an enemy airplane over Paris, while this gives no indication to the story it does showcase the animation style and a little voice acting as at the end we get a sneak peek at the characters including Charlie Brown making a fool out of himself. This isn’t the only recent remake of a classic American cartoon to hit the big screens as Mr.Peabody and Sherman were also released in 2014, which received moderate sales.



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