‘Hatred’ announced – a game that tries too hard to be controversial



YESTERDAY, the newly formed indie studio Destructive Creations announced their first game: Hatred.

What makes this announcement more interesting than the 10004 other indie games being made?

Well to be honest, it is one rather sensationalist reason: The level of violence and the reasoning behind it. What Hatred turns out to be is an isometric shooter in the style of the first Postal game, only with the saturation turned all the way down. You play some nameless protagonist who hates humanity to such a degree that he decides to kill everyone and that is exactly what you do. The gameplay trailer shows you shooting helpless civilians and various members of law enforcement in graphic detail. The trailer actually shows you putting your pistol in a woman’s mouth and blowing her to kingdom-come. The game revels in the violence with a nihilistic glee not normally found in games.

I find the entire idea distasteful. The developers are aware of how needlessly violent the game is and are going “YO BRO, CHECK THIS SHIT OUT, WE’RE SHOOTING WOMEN IN THE FACE… AREN’T WE EDGY?!” in their trailer. They are exploiting the sensibilities of gamers – and have been very successful  – by hyping up the needlessness of the violence. Also, by highlighting the amount of violence in their game they are trying really hard to stroke that part of every gamer that likes to turn on cheats and go mental in a Grand Theft Auto game; so hard, in fact, that it makes me shake my head in disgust.

Plus, the fact that the game seems so self-serious and lacking in any sort of satire is a real turn off. Even Hotline Miami, an exceptionally violent game, had a level of humour to it that made it enjoyable to play. Something so unrelentingly grim like Hatred is an immediate turn off. I don’t mind violence in videogames but I don’t play games because they are violent or for the violence in them. I would enjoy the likes of Mortal Kombat 9 with or without the hilariously OTT gore.

However, I will still play the game. My interest has been piqued enough to want to give it a go, but I will probably feel dirty whilst doing so.

Source: Destructive Creations’ Website

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