Alan Moore finishes first draft of ‘Jerusalem’

alan moore

ESTEEMED comic luminary Alan Moore has reportedly completed the first draft of his second novel, Jerusalem.

According to a Facebook post made by his daughter Leah, the Watchmen and V for Vendetta writer has finally finished the long-awaited novel and is ready to begin the editing process.

Spanning the clotted history of a single square mile in his hometown of Northampton, Moore’s enormous work has yet to find a publisher, despite his reputation.

Moore himself has estimated the word count as being anywhere between “half a million” and “three quarters of a million” so whether the six-digit estimate is entirely correct remains to be seen. Either way, Jerusalem promises to be a monstrous piece-de-resistance from a writer of some calibre.

Update: Leah Moore has since clarified the publishing issue with a further update on Facebook:

“Apparently since my post on Sept 9th, there have been reports that Jerusalem doesn’t have a publisher yet.
Actually it will be published by Knockabout who co-publish all of The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen Books.
They are also dealing with foreign publishers too, for the foreign publishing rights.”

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