New Silent Hill announced, starring Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus


Norman Reedus!

AT SONY’S Gamescom press conference, a horror game called P.T. was teased with a suspicious vagueness. All one could’ve grasped about the game at that point was some evil talking paper bag would be in it.

Immediately afterwards, Sony published a playable demo and it was quickly discovered, by Gamertalkgirl,  to be a new Silent Hill game. Not just a new Silent Hill game, however: A Silent Hill game, called Silent Hills, developed by both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro that stars Norman Reedus. That is one hell of a pedigree. The combination of the director of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, the director of Pan’s Labyrinth & Pacific Rim alongside (arguably) the best actor in The Walking Dead makes me salivate with potential for something really interesting. Kojima has declared on multiple occasions that he wants to reboot the Silent Hill franchise and Del Toro has attempted on multiple occasions to work on games with developers (inSANE, anyone?).

For those who don’t know, Silent Hill is an old psychological horror franchise born on the Playstation 1 in the very late 90s. It had a couple of acclaimed sequels on the Playstation 2 before falling in quality immediately afterwards as they tried to add more action to the games. So it is understandable they would reboot the entire franchise and start again.

Source: Giant Bomb

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  1. April 27, 2015

    […] the new Silent Hill game that I reported on earlier in the year has been cancelled. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise since Kojima’s name was […]

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