Studio Ghibli is to shut down, though perhaps not forever

WE’VE previously mentioned the report claiming that Studio Ghibli were planning on shutting down its film production, and it seems now this has become more than rumour after an interview with Toshio Suzuki in which he spoke about Ghibli closing its doors.

The news quickly spread after Suzuki conducted an interview on Japanese television where he announced Ghibli would be putting a stop to production. However, many articles appear to be jumping to conclusions too quickly. Thanks to kotaku we have a clearer idea of what lies in store for the future of Studio Ghibli.


“We’re thinking about disbanding the production department and making a big change to the larger view of Studio Ghibli,” claims Suzuki.

The term saikouchiku (再構築) was used during the interview, which means to reconstruct rather to close.

“As pointed out on Excite News, Suzuki calls this “spring cleaning” or a “major cleaning” (大掃除 or ooshouji), using the restructuring to improve the environment for the next generation. Suzuki says this has been considered for a while”. (via Kotaku)


“Obviously, Miyazaki’s retiring was quite significant. After that, what should Ghibli do? With that, continuing to endlessly create like this is not impossible, but once, right about now, we will take a short rest and think about what’s next”.

“Just a note: the wording Suzuki uses ( 小休止 or “shoukyuushi”) can mean “pause” or “a break” or a “breather.” He does not use the more definite word “kyuushi” (休止), which means either “stop, pause or suspend.””

It seems that Suzuki is being clear that Ghibli is temporary closing its doors to regroup, reorganise and figure out what the future for the beloved studio will be. After Miyazaki’s retirement and with The Tale of Princess Kaguya not doing as well in the Japanese box office as they would have liked, it comes as no surprise that they would want to take a break.

Even if Ghibli did decide to close its film production this wouldn’t necessarily signal the be and end all of the studio; they have after all signed up to create a television series entitled Ronia the Robber’s Daughter. If all goes well they may decide to continue in that direction, but we can only speculate for now.

No one can be sure what lies ahead for Ghibli; perhaps not even the remaining animators and producers truly know what direction they want to take the studio in. It seems all we can do now is keep our ears open.

Both The Tale of Princess Kaguya and When Marnie Was There have yet to have make international release.


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