The Wait Is Over. Slipknot Are Back.

2009 MARKED the peak of Slipknot’s career so far. It was the ten year anniversary of their ground-breaking debut album, as well as the year in which the band walked onto the main stage at Donnington and redefined what it meant to headline Download festival.

Photo credit: Ollie Millington/ WireImage

Slipknot headlining Download festival 2013. Photo credit: Ollie Millington/ WireImage

The following year, bassist Paul Gray passed away, which shook the metal community. A legend was gone, and the band had lost a friend and one of it’s key songwriters. Since then, the future has always been uncertain for the band. Even in more recent times, after the announcement of new material in the pipeline, mixed reports of whether drummer Joey Jordison had left Slipknot or been fired left fans with a bitter-sweet anticipation of what was to come. A similar situation with guitarist Jim Root being fired from Stone Sour only raised more questions with regards to the state of the relationship between Root and vocalist Corey Taylor.

However, last night brought new hope for Slipknot’s future with the unveiling of the first new track since 2008’s All Hope Is Gone. The new song titled ‘The Negative One’ hails back to the days of Vol. 3, and has brought back the turntables that were so present on the self-titled debut record. You can listen to the track at Slipknot’s homepage.

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