The International 4, part 5

Final Day:

The two teams face off once again

The two teams face off once again

The final was VG’s time to take revenge on Newbee for forcing them to battle through the lower bracket. Bruised, bloodied and eager, VG were chomping at the bit to take their old rivals on. Whilst Newbee, a team who hadn’t played since the first day, were cool, calm and collected. Analysts believed that the break may have cooled Newbee off too much as their DOTA 2 abilities haven’t been tested for a couple of days. Whilst VG would be coming in limber and spry. Despite this, Newbee were the favourites because of their systematic destruction of VG and EG during the first day. It all came down to a gruelling best of 5. The winner would be going home with $5.5 million and the loser with £1.5 million.

The analysts were proven right during the first game. Newbee looked inelegant and slow and so VG ran circles around them. VG won the game and to make matters worse for Newbee, made it look easy.

In the second game, Newbee finally shook off the cobwebs and proceeded to beat VG. Their response was similar to VG’s first game as they made the other team look kind of terrible in comparison. VG just couldn’t deal with the amount of stuns and ambushes from Newbee. They had to concede in 26 minutes after Newbee’s Weaver killed a total of 12 heroes, only died once, and seemed invincible.

The third game didn’t go too well for VG either. It lasted precisely 17 minutes. In that time VG lost each lane (as in, Newbee’s heroes did better than them in the early game) and their Roshan attempt was thwarted by Newbee stealing the Aegis that drops from the demon. It painted a very bleak picture for VG, a team that looked so promising throughout the tournament.

The fourth – and final – game ended just as abruptly. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That phrase sums up VG’s tactics in game 4. They had pretty much the exact same team composition and they paid the price when Newbee annihilated them and forced them, rather controversially, to call “gg” in 15 minutes. I call VG’s decision controversial because one could argue that with $5.5 million on the line, you would think a team would do everything in your power to try to claw a win. Sure it might be a minuscule chance for victory, but even the smallest chance is better than not even trying.

So with that blistering display of skill, the entire final lasted a shocking 82 minutes in total, Newbee were crown champions of the 4th International!

Newbee celebrating their win

Newbee celebrating their win

I hope you enjoyed my brief summaries of each day of The International 4. It was a hell of a lot more difficult than I thought it would be when I set out to do this gargantuan task. If you haven’t played DOTA 2, you should totally give it a go. It is free on Steam and can be highly addictive with enough practise. I have put in roughly 510 hours in 3 years, so I may be biased. Just make sure you ignore the very vocal bastards that makes up a small part of the community.

Don’t forget you can check out the finals yourself here

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