Amazing Spider-Man spin off still on track for 2016 release

as2RUMOUR has it that over the last few weeks following the relatively poor critical and commercial performance of the blockbusting, wall-crawling sequel to 2012’s Amazing Spider-Man, Sony was having second thoughts on sinking their money into a possible flop. However, fans of the web-slinging hero and his rogue’s gallery will be happy to hear that Sinister Six, the first spin-off step in Sony’s intended Spider-Man super-franchise, is reportedly still a-go.

The decision to make this film centred around the supervillain team has been a divisive one. Many fans of the Spider-Man films, particularly Sam Raimi’s outings of the early 2000s, have been quick to point out that one of the major sticking points of the widely unpopular Spider-Man 3 was the inclusion of, many believe, one too many villains. However, should this film shape up as the executives intend, then it could be a singularly unique take on the super-hero genre.


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