First Thoughts: Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus

It’s been about 4 years since the last instalment of Kuroshitsuji, and even then it’s sequel received mixed feedback from fans. A common complaint with the first season was that fans were disappointed that the popular circus arc didn’t feature heavily in the show, with that in mind I can’t think of a better story for the series to return on.

The first episode is a little slow as if to reintroduce us to the series, for example the staff get their screen-time if not to only repeat the joke ‘gosh ain’t these people terrible at their jobs but also they used to be in a very different professions’. Given it’s absence I’m willing to excuse this. We are reminded once more of what made Sebastian such a likeable character, from creating a fountain of champagne to murdering assassins with his awesome demon powers, it’s nice to see him in this role once again. While slow the pay-off at the end makes up for it. The whole episode feels like a long joke in which we are waiting for the punchline, yet when the punchline arrives we’re not thinking that the wait was worth it but just how much we’ve missed this sense of humour.

Things really get into gear from the second episode onwards as we learn that children have been missing in every town that the circus has visited and it’s up to Ciel and Sebastian to investigate. There is so much I love about this story, the mystery, the circus acts but most notably the characters we find at the circus, the way they interact with not only themselves but with Ciel and Sebastian has been completely enjoyable so far. The action and the humour are well balanced in the series, but I must admit, I’ve never liked the character of Ciel and he hasn’t changed my mind so far.

I’m enjoying this series and based upon what we’ve seen so far, it is recommended.
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