Doom 4 Revealed at Quakecon

From the Doom teaser shown at E3 earlier this year

A new Doom game was announced at this year’s Quakecon, id tech’s yearly convention that celebrates its games by combining the typical things a gaming convention has with a massive LAN party, earlier today. Simply titled “Doom”, the often rumoured game was demoed in front of a packed auditorium in Dallas, Texas and nowhere else, which is why there isn’t a huge amount of pictures or information right at the moment beyond the talented folks at PC Gamer.

Doom‘s executive producer, Marty Stratton, declares that the game will essentially go back to the roots of the Doom franchise as opposed to the slower, more jump-scare orientated Doom 3 (which received lukewarm reception from critics and fans alike, with the exception of the game’s graphics which for the time were top-notch). Which basically means that the developers will try and have large amounts of enemies on the screen whilst also making it fast, violent, gory and have combat that will be simple, but very satisfying. The executive producer also states that the game will run on the sixth iteration of the id tech game engine. Which is very welcome considering the games running on the previous version, Rage in particular, suffered from severe texture pop-in and other rather annoying issues.

According to PC Gamer, the game seems reminiscent of the very recent (and well liked) Wolfenstein game mixed in with a bit of Crysis. What this means is that the guns seem to feel weighty and powerful which is coupled with easy traversal mechanics that allow the player to jump gaps, climb up walls and approach from various angles in a fairly open environment. This could lead to some very fun combat in the game. Especially since the combat in the demo sounds insane. Enemies of all shapes and sizes pour into a room whereby the person demoing the game lets rip with a salvo of bullets and plasma that blows the hell-monsters to smithereens in a refreshingly spectacular shower of blood and gore. I hope they add the Berzerk power-up from the first two games so I can do that up close and personal with my fists. On top of all that, id have also added a sort of first-person finishing move to do to monsters who are ‘down but not out’ as it were. It sounds similar to the ones in Mortal Kombat as jaws were ripped off, hearts were removed and heads were stamped on. As cool as that sounds, I bet it will get very repetitive the longer the game goes on for.

It is interesting what a post-John Carmack id can make. It will show just how important – or unimportant – he became to the company before he left to work on the Oculus. And the fact that they decided to go back to Doom instead of try something new, smacks of desperation on id’s part. Rage wasn’t a big success for the company, sure, but it was new and was filled with great ideas. Despite my interest for this game being lukewarm at best, I am still ready for id to blow my stripy socks off.

Now for Quake 5?

Source: Pc Gamer

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