Hayao Miyazaki spends his retirement somewhere closer to home



WHAT do you do when you’re facing retirement after becoming essentially the most recognisable man in your field, after a lifetime of achievements and ultimately earning the respect of not just your country but most of the world? Since the announcement of his retirement Miyazaki has been invited to many places, including joining the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science, organisation that chooses the Oscar awards. Despite the knowledge that he could travel to nearly any country and be welcomed with open arms, Miyazaki has been spending a lot of his time closer somewhere closer to home.

By closer to home I mean the Ghibli Studio, and by a lot of his time I in fact mean every single day.

Miyazaki has had difficulty with retirement before, this being his third attempt. I can only imagine that spending most of your life working tirelessly can leave you with some strong work habits.

Miyazaki has already given hints about his upcoming manga project; perhaps he prefers to work somewhere where he has already created some of his best work.



Toshio Suzuki, one of Ghibli’s co-founders, is currently slowly adapting to a less hand-on approach to the Studio’s animation, but still co-producing the latest Ghibli film When Marnie Was There.

On the topic of Miyazaki, Suzuki jokingly said, “I really wish he’d stop showing up.”
Apparently Miyzaki isn’t one to be laid back. Suzuki added: He says he’s going to leave the young staff members to their work, and not tell them what to do but in reality, right after he gets to the studio, he’s dishing out orders.”

I’m personally happy that he will continue to influence the young animators at Ghibli. Whether they asked for it or not is a different matter.



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